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Part of Knowing What We Have and Where We Stand includes an inventory of government documents and plans within a community. It is critical that communities develop such plans and strategies to support local efforts to mobilize resources and assets. These tools also outline priorities to ensure that development proceeds in a strategic fashion that fits the local vision.

The Government Document Database helps leaders assess their 'preparedness' for transition, as well as to determine needed plans or strategies that can position a community to be 'ready' to pursue new opportunities.

Part of developing Network Tools includes an understanding of the types of relationships and networks currently in place. The mobilization of networks can impact the capacity and roles that leaders, municipal staff, business members, service providers, and voluntary groups may play in community transition. Networks help to enhance the resilience of a community, link residents to a wider range of expertise, resources, and supports, and can lead to partnerships for new service or business arrangements.

The Network Tool identifies the local and regional networks currently in place for this community. It helps local leaders to determine potential contacts that may need to be developed to assist with planning or transition.

The Regional District of Bulkley Nechako The Omineca Beetle Action Coalition UNBC Community Development Institute The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George